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Reliance Industries Ltd


We are an EarthMC business which sells stuff in a few shops and online, via discord. In our online services, we get the gold into your account (we are not a bank and withdrawal charges apply). Then from there you can use your credit to buy stuff. You can either physically drop credit at our locations, Simple Gold's locations (and send us the Gold) or just sending us the Gold through Simple Buy every time you want something.

Our Discord: MJEabuX


towards Reliance's success

Air India: The National Carrier of India! Discord: sq8w7Nq

Airbus: Fly around the map with our aircraft! Discord: Sqwu5WQ


Our work to you guys (the community)

Our business do things for the Gold, however we do work for the community, if you are curious of which we have done, here are what we have done:

Why Us?


We have cheaper prices, in most products, than most active shops

We focus more on online services, which means that you could order anywhere with internet without logging on. You could theoretically order from an aircraft in real life! Remember however that you need some balance in your account or you may get a loan with Simple Gold

Partner Corps

Our Partner Corps

The businesses listed below are our partner corporations


how to:

We can be contacted via discord, our server is MJEabuX

In that discord server you can go to #ebuy and start ordering!